Monday, May 23, 2011

Draw A Horse's Head & Neck ~ Side View

I've always loved to draw horses! It's one of the first things I started copying out of an old American College Encyclopedia we had while my sisters and I were growing up. A door to door salesman had sold my folks the set, complete with a two volume dictionary and a wooden two shelf book stand. I remember it had a couple of pages of the various horse breeds. I looked at it so many times, it was burned into my memory. I can still see it in my mind's eye. I remember it was double sided and there were photos in black and white of 16 breeds. I think I drew them all. The drawings took me hours and I painstakingly copied every detail. Too bad I didn't know then what I know now! It would have helped me a lot. I'm hoping that my posts here will help make someone else's journey a little easier, speedier and more enjoyable. I'm working on putting a drawing demo together to kick off the 2011 season. Here today is a sketch from my pad.  I like this system of using a triangle, circle and square to get the framework of the head and neck. I'll be playing with it a bit more before I do the watercolor. By varying the position and size of the shapes and elements, you'll be able to portray different breeds and characteristics. What fun!