Saturday, August 2, 2008

Quick like a Bunny

Yesterday I stressed the concept of working fast in my painting class. For some, it's a hard habit to get into. I think it allows the right, intuitive side of the brain to take over. ACCORDING TO BETTY EDWARDS, author of DRAWING ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE BRAIN; "The right brain perceives and processes visual information, in the way one needs to see in order to draw, and the left brain perceives in ways that seem to interfere with drawing."


  1. Ah the differences of regional nomencalture! Vive la difference, that thar aint no rabbit in the sense of the dreatful plague the English brought to that nearly destroyed the whole country, then they brought in the foxes, they destroyed small defenceless mammals and ground nesting birds. I could go on and on but don't really wish to bore you to tears. It's O.K. I do know about the Easter Bynny and Brer Rabbit although both happen to be hares! Continue to love your sketches. Mine are definitely still in intensive care.

  2. Yes, It's a shame about all the introduced species that are wiping out the indigenous ones! I also saw a movie about the Cane Toads in Australia. What a mess! One guy's bright idea turns into the plagues of many. Like the Gypsy Moths we battle over here! Will man ever learn? Keep drawing Arija. They will get better! Thanks for writing!


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