Saturday, July 10, 2010

Warmup Scribbles

warm-up (also warmup) (noun)
a period or act of preparation for a game, performance, or exercise session, involving gentle exercise or practice.

I got a note today from Christine Braziel of Fresno CA . She writes;"I'm interested in every day drawing. I'm just trying to get up my nerve."

Why should one feel afraid to draw? Did someone say you were no good or is that what you told yourself? Self doubt and negative self talk are the enemies of drawing. It's just the left brain trying to take over. It hates when it's not in control.

Instead, why not just make some scribbles, Use your pencil like a wand and see what kind of strokes you can make. Use your whole arm and even your body. Here's mine. It was fun. Sometimes I do this before sketching to loosen up.

scribble (verb)
write or draw (something) carelessly or hurriedly

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