Monday, June 11, 2012

Lions, Tigers and BEARS, Oh My!

There was a large black bear spotted in our area last week. Our neighbor just reported that something got into his trash last night and really made a mess. AND, there were huge claw marks on his garbage can. Awe, I'm sure the poor guy just wandered out of the woods looking for food.

Bear symbolizes an awakening to power and is always a good sign. 
Mostly a shy and solitary creature, the bear teaches us to take time out for ourself, like taking time out for drawing or some other self-improvement activity.

It may be time to step back from the noisy world.

In alone time and through our dreams, we can get in touch with the universal creative mind and our own higher self.

I wanted to use some different mediums on these bear drawings. The first three sketches are done with a Bruynzeel design - Aquarel - 8635 - black watercolor drawing pencil. I only have black and have never used them wet. I did a step by step demo of this last watercolor sketch today. I was not happy with the photos, so I want to reshoot them before I post. If anyone wants a sketching challenge, here is a good shot of a black bear to draw from. Use your imagination! I started out with a bear here last year. You can also type "bear" into my search this blog box in the right column to see more bear exercises and drawings.

You can see the bear painting I did today from this final bear sketch on my web log

"If the human race is to survive, then we must respect the rights of other species to survive. Sharing bedroom space with a grizzly bear is not practical but sharing wilderness space is. We must therefore, restrict human activity in spaces where threatened or endangered species live. We must stay out of their bedroom. Set aside some wild spaces while they yet exist. Closing the wild spaces after all of the wild things are gone will not work." - Bob McMeans