Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cats, Birds and a Landscape

Introducing our new little calico kitten, Princess Cutie Pye.

And our little boy, Opie Darling III.
 You can see the watercolor painting done from this sketch

You can read about it on my web-log.
There was not much time to draw,
so I did this little three minute gesture sketch.

Again, some quick gesture sketches from snapshots of my current obsession.

Ok, ok, here's some relief from the cats.
I might even try a painting of this one some day!

It's been wonderfully crazy here with all of the kitten excitement,
so I quickly sketched these bird carvings that we have. 

The wren carving and the swan above,
were moved one quarter turn every two minutes.

I hope you are all having as fabulous of a summer as I am!!

Don't forget to write me
and keep your creative juices flowing!


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  1. Your kitties are adorable!!! The landscape is wonderful.......especially love the addition of the wash line with clothes hanging........and I like your duck and bird sketch studies!!!


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