Thursday, August 9, 2012

Enjoying Art Through the Eyes of a Chicken

Little Chicken in "The Dream" by Sandy Sandy
Today the Traveling Chicken and I looked at art on the computer.
We found this painting by Rousseau called "The Dream".

"The Dream" by Henri Rousseau

TC  really loved the painting and said that staying here at the Sandarosa
made her feel like she was living in a dream. Later we found a painting by Pablo Picasso also called "The Dream"I told her I would draw her into Picasso's dream tomorrow.
Little Chicken on a "Bridge Over a Pond" by Sandy Sandy

Our Little Traveling Chick loved my drawing from Tuesday so much,
that yesterday, I put her into this painting of a "Bridge Over a Pond" by Claude Monet.

It made quite an IMPRESSION on her!

"Bridge Over a Pond" by Claude Monet
 On Tuesday, we all relaxed here on the farm and got acquainted. We had some time to chat about art and men. Although our little Chickita is a British born hen, it seems she is rather hot blooded and her preferences are in Spanish men.

She said she just loves the language and the passion!

I found out that her favorite painter of all times was Spanish born, Pablo Picasso and her most loved piece, not surprisingly, is "The Cock".  She said he's a hunk and she would love to have his babies.

That night, as a surprise, I did a quick sketch for her.
Little Chicken and "The Cock" by Sandy Sandy

"The Cock" by Pablo Picasso

Little Traveling Chick - 2 min. gestures by Sandy Sandy

The Little Traveling Chicken and her entourage arrived here exhausted from their trip on Monday.

I had just enough time to do some quick gestures
before they were off to bed.

Stay tuned for more drawings and adventures of the
Little Traveling Chick and her friends!
I'm planning on painting one of these sketches.
Which one do you think I should do?

Remember to Keep Smiling and Creating!