Monday, October 5, 2009

The Jersey Devil

Fall has come to New Jersey and so has an obsession with Halloween and the JERSEY DEVIL! Weird sounds and screeches woke me from a sound sleep last night. It got me wondering if it was my ole' pal JD, coming to check on this year's artwork for the Cranberry Festival Yearbook. Anyway, my files have been sent off to the printer and I should be getting a proof any day now. I thought I'd post the black and white version today, since I showed preliminary sketches here during the summer. I hope you are all enjoying the wonderful fall weather and hope to see some of you at the Apple Festival or Cranberry Festival this month!

2009 - The Jersey Devil at the White Horse Inn, Chatsworth, NJ


  1. I love it! Especially like how you did the trees.

  2. Very interesting drawings I like the sky through the tree and the tree of course, thanks for letting me wander thru your blog.

  3. Sandy, very nice and free style that you have. This is my first time visiting here. I like your style!


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