Monday, August 31, 2009

The End Has Come!

It is the last day of August and Sketching Everyday 2009 has officially come to an end. Today I'm posting a buffalo drawing from one of the photos I posted yesterday for our last challenge. This is my 92nd post to this summer's Drawing Everyday Project. Thanks to all of you who participated and sent feedback. It is always appreciated! I got some questions about sending in challenge drawings to me later on down the road. Of course, please do! Actually, I'm thinking that I'm this close to 100 straight days of drawing everyday, so I might just keep it up. We'll see how inspired I feel about it tomorrow. Either way, I know I will continue posting here from time to time, so please all stay in touch! Wishing You All Abundance, Always, Sandy


  1. This is a beautiful sketch! I'm in love with that owl below too:)

  2. Hey Jennifer -
    I could see that owl and pose in one of your Halloween pieces! Go for it girl. :-D


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