Friday, July 15, 2011

Jon Gnagy Draws A Bucking Bronco

Here's another Jon Gnagy lesson of a bucking bronco. It was fun!  I thought this one was going to be difficult, but it really wasn't. Perhaps it was because I'm familiar with horses and draw them often, or maybe if you just get into the frame of mind of drawing shapes instead of things, everything becomes easier, no matter what the object is. I did this with a very soft, 6B pencil about  5" x 7" in my sketchbook. I haven't gotten any feedback on whether anyone has tried any of Jon's lessons yet. I think the one I did here first of the snow scene was the easiest one to get started on if you are considering giving it a try. Or you can always start by drawing the four simple shapes. Please let me know your thoughts about drawing with Jon Gnagy.

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