Friday, July 8, 2011

Drawing Composition

Here's another flower composition I came up with for this drill.

 What I am trying to stress this week with this exercise are tried and true systems and aids in composition. They are key to creating consistently successful drawings and/or paintings. The Rule Of Thirds and Momma Poppa Baby Formula are highlighted here.

We also got our first drawing in from one of our followers, Judy Scott.

I especially love the Babies here! Judy is really starting to SEE SHAPES and think about placement of her players. Getting looser, more sketchy and using the side of her pencil more often, I can she she's been practicing. Nice job Judy. Thanks so much for following along, participating and sending in your lovely sketch! 

Since I know Judy is eager to learn and improve, I would strongly recommend using tracing paper to move things around a little to get better impact. Also REALLY look at the reference. Your Momma and Poppa just look a little too perfect to me. 

Tips: Boring shapes are circles, triangles and squares. Interesting shapes are irregular and have two different dimensions. Attention grabbing forms have an oblique thrust (at an angle) and have interlocks (shapes that tie it to another area) and/or incidents (uneven protrusions, ) at the edges. Shapes and compositions lead your eye around the piece, or not. 

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