Thursday, August 4, 2011

Draw People with a Simple Formula by Tony van Hasselt

In August 2000, I attended a plein air workshop with Tony van Hasselt in Maine. I love his fresh and direct wet-in-wet approach to landscape painting in watercolor.

Tony has a playful uncomplicated method for drawing and painting the human form. These are not meant to be figure studies, but secondary or incidental to the scene. Once perfected, they add impact and a clear center of interest to any landscape. 

Five years ago, I featured his technique for drawing and painting figures back in 2006.  I got a good response from people who tried this approach. Some even went on to buy the video. I thought it was time to review his DVD, "Fun With Figures" again for you here. Tony Tony calls them U.W.O.  (You-WOh) people because that's the order in which the letters are drawn. The head is put on last. Why not give Tony's (You-WOh's) a try?  I think you'll agree that they are enjoyable to create and may even add more pizazz and interest to your work.


  1. Hi Sandy,

    Interesting to see what you did with my UWO folks. You can remember the correct spelling since it is the same as they need to be drawn. First the upside down U, then the W and finally the head.

    OK? Got that?

  2. Hey Tony!!
    Thanks for correcting me! Got it! U W O - :-D


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