Tuesday, July 9, 2019

A Fresh Set Of Challenges

You can accelerate your development by
giving yourself a fresh set of challenges,
or the same set viewed from a different angle,
every day. Explore a different path.
If it's a dead end, explore another."
~ Paul Foxton

July 1- 9 2019 Sketches on Yupo using alcohol ink
 I went back into some of these sketches and added to them and changed a  few things.
You can see the sketches individually on our Drawing Everyday facebook group.

"I do my best work and have the most fun when I'm not sure exactly where I'm heading." ~ J. Cohen • #DoItOnYupo The process of discovery IS exhilarating! Come let me share my discoveries with you. To help celebrate the grand opening of a new #blickartmaterials store at 401 Park Drive in Boston, MA, ⁣I will be giving a free demonstration using #alcoholink on #YupoPaper from 11-1 on July 21st, sponsored by our friends at Legion Paper! I would LOVE to meet you there! 💖

Stay Inspired and Productive My Friends
Join me for a summer of sketching everyday! 
X ♥  O

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  1. Congratulations Sandy! They are going to love it, and YOU! :)


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