Saturday, July 18, 2020

Mistakes Are Your Best Friends

You Fear Mistakes, But You Shouldn't
Nothing comes for free, except for the gift of mistakes.

Mistakes are your best friends as an artist. Embrace them. Seek them out. Draw with the purpose of making mistakes. 
When I was young, in one of those progressive European art schools, all the teachers did was set you up to make mistakes. Because with mistakes comes discovery. At one point you develop a system that is based on making mistakes. It's called experimenting.

You produce 100 mistakes and you get an A. You have now truly advanced because you have progressed with awareness! On a smaller scale, there is a shitty line in your drawing. Great! Pay more attention to it in your next drawing, or schedule in some sketching practice.

Ignore perfection, you want mistakes! Mistakes are what you should go for. Mistakes are your best friends. They don't lie to you and they tell you what you need to know. Cherish them. Look at them for what they are. They are you. And you need them. 
Every time you make a mistake and you see it, you should be happy. Start looking for mistakes. Make them on purpose. Train yourself. Practice making mistakes until you are comfortable with them. Nothing comes for free, except for the gift of mistakes.
~  Inspired by and adapted from Anonymous

SUMMER SKETCHING 2020 Continues ....
Although I have been very busy with my Poppy Zoom Course, I have been drawing
consistently now for 48 days.  It has been 30 days since I last posted here, however,
so I'm playing catch up today. Here are my daily creations from June 19th - July 18th.
If you are interested, visit our Facebook Drawing/Sketching EveryDay Group here.
June 2020
6-19-20 • Alcohol Ink on Yupo

6-22-20 • Watercolor on Cotton Rag

6-21-20 • Alcohol Ink on Yupo

6-22-20 • Watercolor on Cotton Rag

6-23-20 • Watercolor on Cotton Rag

6-24-20 • Watercolor on Cotton Rag

6-52-20 • Watercolor on Cotton Rag

6-26-20 • Watercolor on Cotton Rag

6-27-20 • Watercolor on Cotton Rag

6-27-20 • Watercolor on Cotton Rag

6-28-20 • Watercolor on Cotton Rag

6-29-20 • Watercolor on Cotton Rag

6-30-20 • Watercolor on Cotton Rag

 JULY 2020

7-1-20 • Watercolor on Cotton Rag

7-2-20 • Watercolor on Yupo

7-3-20 • Watercolor on Yupo

7-4-20 • Markers on Yupo

7-5-20 • Markers on Marker Paper & Yupo

7-6-20 • Markers on Marker Paper & Yupo

7-7-20 • Markers on Marker Paper & Yupo

7-8-20 • Markers on Marker Paper & Yupo

7-9-10-11-20 • Watercolor on Cotton Rag

7-12-20 • Watercolor on Cotton Rag

7-13-14-15-20 • Watercolor on Cotton Rag

7-16-20 • Watercolor on Cotton Rag

7-17-20 • Watercolor on Cotton Rag


7-18-20 • Watercolor on Cotton Rag

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