Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dog Drawing / New Sketching Challenge #9 (a & b)

My final sketch of a dog from the Burlington County Shelter is a composite put together in Photoshop from two finished drawings I did for our current sketching challenge.

This week, I'm posting two different challenge photos to try to get some new peps involved!

The first photo is of my hubby, Jerry, during a snowstorm on his beloved old tractor. It looks complicated, but it is not. Remember K I S S - squint, and break the subject down into shapes (positive and negative). I find it easier to draw something when I think of it as a shape, instead of a thing. Right Brain vs. Left Brain

The second photo is one of the poor kitties I took photos of that were in jail at the shelter. I'm going to draw this guy without the bars, however. I'll probably lightly sketch in the bars though, as they do break the subject up into smaller and simpler shapes which will be an aid in the drawing process. Drawing a precise grid on your photo and the same dimensions on your paper is a classic and useful drawing technique.

Check out Art For The Animals here.

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