Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Bear Drawing and Our First Challenger Checks In!

I got our first drawing in already for this week's sketching challenge! Molly VanZant writes;" I tried to look for shapes but I got distracted by the lines."

It's a common problem with me too Molly. One trick I know of to enable you to see shapes better, is to draw a grid on your photo and then draw the same proportions on your paper. This bear breaks down evenly into four sections vertically . Then I drew a line through the bear on the horizon line. Now try to duplicate the shapes in each section on your paper and tell me if you find it any easier. I like the drawing very much overall, however it got a little big on the page. I'd recommend getting a bigger pad or starting smaller. I've listed the drawing supplies I use on my new "Simple Sketching Steps" lens.

Here's my first bear sketch from yesterday with the wash added today.

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