Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tommy's In Pincess's Bed Again!

Don't be afraid to try to draw something fleeting. If you get the big shapes down in a minute or two, you can always add the details later, (or after the subject moves). Here's a quickie of Tommy in the studio. He's not allowed in because he gets destructive. He chews paper. He LOVES to be in the studio though. I guess it's like the forbidden fruit. First thing he does is jump in my studio cat's bed. He gets this satisfied look instantly - sorta like the Cheshire Cat. He only sat still for a couple of minutes, but I was able to get this one in for today.

I got in another Bear sketch today! I think this year we're on a roll. I'll be sharing all new bear challenge sketches and sketcher testimonials on Sunday or Monday with mine. Come on now, why don't you give it a try!? You don't have to send it in if you can't or don't want to. Just do it! Do a few. You'll be glad you did. You might even surprise yourself. "Repetition is the key to mastery." ~ SSS

Look at the hippo tutorial on my SIMPLE SKETCHING STEPS lens. I think it will help you with seeing shapes.

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