Monday, June 22, 2009

Color Cat Sketch & Challenge #4

Here's my color sketch of our little black and white barn cat, Sophie. Thanks to all of you artists who have attempted my drawing challenges, even if you didn't send them in. I'm also posting the forth challenge photo of an 18th century farmhouse around the corner from me. Remember, when you draw from photographs, use artistic license to create your own interpretation. This is a reference photo and it need not be slavishly copied. Although, if that is the way you choose to draw it, that's OK and your decision too.


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  2. Today, Ellen Barnett writes; "I am trying to sketch every day. I am sketching items around my house. Unfortunately, no more pets but I am practicing the art of really seeing which can only be perfected by doing. I intend to look through my photo archives for more ideas.
    Thanks for the inspiration, Ellen"


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