Sunday, June 14, 2009

An Exhausting Weekend

I finally had a chance to do a sketch and I wanted to make it quick, so I could go and veg. out. Here is a two minute sketch of another bird carving of a wren I own. I'll post my new challenge photo and last week's challenge sketch manyana. Night-t-night ya-all!


  1. I love this bird sketch. If you check out my blogs, I'm an animal lover too. I've had the joy of watching a family of robins on my front porch this spring. It has been so much fun. Feel free to sketch any of my photos!! I've signed up to follow your blog. You are an awesome artist! I have an art endorsement and teach elementary art. I'll have to show my kids your 2 minute sketches! I love them! Jewel

  2. So GREAT to meet you Jewel! Thanks so much for your comments. I'd love to see some of the kids' work! Thanks!


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