Sunday, June 7, 2009

Twelve Minute Challenge Sketch

Here's my interpretation of this week's challenge sketch from Cedar Run Refuge that I posted last week in my very first post on June 1st. So far nobody has sent in any drawings, although a few of you DID say you were going to try it. I hope you guys won't chicken out on me. This does not have to be time consuming or difficult! I did this sketch today in my big sketch pad. I was trying for 10 minutes, but it actually took me 12. You'll notice I didn't get past the first step of my drawing technique. The whole drawing was done holding my pencil like a wand and using my whole arm. I squinted a lot while I was drawing and tried to get down the overall big shapes as quickly as possible.

I will still post any drawings you want to submit! Better late than never.

I'm also posting the new photo for this week's challenge. This is a herb garden that my friend Dorrie brought to me yesterday, along with three beautiful patio tomato plants and fertilizer! This little pot shown here has chives, oregano and rosemary in it. It has a wonderful variety of textures, directional thrusts and shapes. Thanks so much Dorrie. My friends are simply the best!

This one is super easy!! You should be able to get the overall shape down on this in under a minute with no problem.

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