Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Symbols of Joy and Accomplishment

"Hummingbirds are symbolic of love and joy
and of accomplishing that which seems impossible."
~ Sandy Sandy

Hummingbirds can migrate more than 3,500 miles twice a year!
What seems like an impossible feat for such a tiny creature, happens without fail,
year after year. They often return to the place of their birth again and again,
to build nests and have 2-3 broods every spring and summer!

You can find out more about attracting and caring for these flying flowers
and about my hummingbirds here in SandyLand by going HERE.

Some say to draw and paint what you love and also to draw the same thing
20 times or more, so here's some more of my recent summer sketches!

6-24-19 • Watercolor and Ink sketch from photo
6-25-19 • Watercolor and Ink sketch from photo
6-26-19 • Watercolor and Ink sketch from a video
Stay Inspired and Happy Creating My Friends!

X ♥  O

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  1. They are admirable, amazing, dear little things. And delightful in your hands :) The bush in front of my window is going to bloom soon... hoping for many hummer sightings :)


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