Friday, June 2, 2017

Become Your Own Teacher and Best Friend

 ‘Creative activity could be described as a 
type of learning process where teacher and pupil 
are located in the same individual.’
~ Arthur Koestler

This shows you how I set up my little model this morning. I'd like people to practice drawing from life, like my example today. When drawing small objects, it helps to get the item closer to eye level, so I set them up on a box or a large coffee can. It also helps to isolate the subject with a solid colored background. When drawing, try to keep your body and head in the same position or your view will change. Squint to see large shapes as you start to draw. Closing one eye often helps if you are having difficulty. I also prop my drawing pad up on a Beanie Baby - or something similar - so it is at an angle while I draw.

Follow the link in yesterday's blog post for how to go about doing these quick gestures.…/in-starting-gate-and-the… You can also use my photos as reference to try the objects I drew from. All I ask is that you use the hashtag #DrawingEveryday and/ or a link back to this post or share directly from our facebook group.

This technique only requires limited supplies. I'm sure you can find ones in your arsenal to use. You can use my list as a guide though. Please post any drawings you want here. I will post a weekly challenge when I get more organized. In the meantime, I'd like people to practice drawing from life, because drawing from life uses different "muscles" than drawing from a photo does. The brain processes 3D objects differently than when viewing flat, 2D reference. We'll also be drawing from photos, but I think there are some real benefits to to start off with drawing from life.

Happy Creating My Friends!

X ♥  O