Saturday, June 25, 2011

Art Is Healing

I just got an email and some drawings from a friend I haven't heard from recently. I was unaware that she has been through some really tough times over the past year. Last summer, Judy was forced to leave a job she loved as a wildlife rehabilitator due to a severe lung condition caused by the animals. In addition, her husband and best friend suddenly passed away in November and she had to to move out of her home of 36 years and into an apartment.
Judy writes; "I am sharing this with you, because reading your daily emails and finding time for myself to sketch is really a lifesaver.  It takes my mind away from the rest of the world."

I am saddened to hear of Judy's losses. I know that she is a strong, positive person and in time will be doing very well again, however. I feel blessed that I can provide her (and possibly a few others) with a creative outlet where she can find time for herself while taking her thoughts away from her troubles. Art is very healing that way. It can put you into a magical world for a period of time, where nothing else matters or exists.

"I sometimes think there is nothing so delightful as drawing." ~ Vincent Van Gogh 

Judy sent me two cat drawings and one of a fledgling hummingbird that she cared for and released, (which I will post later). Here is the one she did of Princess. She said the face was difficult for her, but I think she got a darn good resemblance.

And this sweet kitty is a sketch of Buttons, her own cat that she rescued.

Thank you for sharing your lovely drawings and your heart with us, Judy. I'm sending healing thoughts and love your way. You are an inspiration!

Our Cat Challenge is about to end, so I did this sketch today and tried not to get carried away with the shading or details. I intend to finish it tomorrow with a watercolor wash.

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  1. I think Judy is one of the most artistic people I know plus one of the nicest. Her cat drawings are precious. We really miss her at Cedar Run.



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