Saturday, June 4, 2011

Beautiful Grey Jumper

I went to Devon Horse Show yesterday and took lots of pictures. Today I am sketching from one of them. I've just posted more photos of this horse and the show on my web log today. I like to sketch right from my computer. Here is my set-up.

After the pencil sketch, I wet the background and "whacked in" juicy paint to indicate trees or something in a mid-value (40 - 60% grey). Now the light horse will be set off from the background. Tune in tomorrow to see how I finished this drawing . . . and more.

Oh, and BTW, I started my sketch with the triangle, circle and square. It worked like a charm.


  1. Love it when you share your work process Sandy! thank you!

  2. Thanks for your comment Sheila! It's nice to know it's appreciated!

  3. Thanks for sharing your process, and another fellow artist who uses the computer in all sort of ways :-)

  4. Nice to meet you Claudia. I thank you for taking the time to comment here.


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