Friday, June 10, 2011

Love Those Wild Things!!

It has been crazy here today with hummer action galore! The big feeder was empty by 11 am and Jerry just filled it again! I'm sure the others are all in need of filling tonight. I tried to get some snaps, but they are just way too fast. There's courting, mating, territory guarding, fledging and rowdy fun happening all around the yard. They can't wait for the Butterfly Bushes to bloom! I've seen dozens testing out the unopened buds today. Here's a shot of the back of my house. There are at least five little cuties in this picture. 

Of course, I just had to sketch one for my drawing everyday post. I tried to get an unusual position for this one, but I'm not too sure how successful it is. Hummingbirds wings actually move in a figure eight pattern and I've tried to portray that here. As everyone knows, they certainly don't look like any other bird in flight!