Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hummingbird Gesture Drawings

These two minute drawings were done with a 5B pencil from photos I have of my hummers. 

While searching online today for gesture drawing information, I came across  Kimon Nicolaides' book, "The Natural Way to Draw" . The introductory caption there reads; "The key to gesture drawing is speed. Work fast and trust your instincts. Practice holding the  charcoal loosely between your thumb and index finger."


  1. I checked that out and found it to be a great source of information. Thank you for sharing that. And being a hummingbird lover, it's great seeing more of your hummingbird sketches! I could probably sit day after day doing nothing but hummingbirds. We only have four or five that visit us but I can sit for hours watching them. To me they are truly unique.

  2. That link is great, isn't it? With such a wealth of information, you can scratch the surface there, or dig as deep as you want.


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