Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Using Shapes to Aid in Drawing Testimonial

"Learning to draw is really a matter of learning how to see - to see correctly - and that means a good deal more than merely looking with the eye." ~ Kimon Nicolaides ~ The Natural Way To Draw

This 20 minute drawing is my first attempt at using my new shapes method that I posted Monday to draw Princess (our current sketching challenge). In the photo, her face is not straight on, so I had to improvise some. I think it is a useful aid and starting point though. Anyone else give it a try it yet? I'd appreciate your feedback on it.

Susan Bronsak writes; "You asked if your exercise helps?  It did for me!!  I found that to be very easy to follow and made it less intimidating to create the face (without all the fur that is).  Fur direction and not over doing it is a challenge area for me.  I appreciate you sharing these helpful exercises!!  I find them to be encouraging for people to at least give it a try.  Thank you for the time you devote to helping others.

Now…….If I could just learn to “see” the shapes in an object it would help, I’m sure.  I at times can’t get past all the detail….even squinting. Here’s my attempt……..think I’m off a little with my curve for the eyes but hopefully convincing enough." 

AND . . . I'll tell you folks, this woman is inspirational - Since I received this yesterday, Susan has also came up with her own shapes demo for drawing a deer portrait.  Way to go Susan!


  1. Oh WOW........a book I don't have. I like that quote! Something to try and remember.

    I like how you improvised with your sketch! Talk about someone being an inspiration!!

    And thank you on the demo. I'm hoping to put into practice the shape concept ...... even if only mentally. I want to learn to see as your quote states. Wonderful way to approach difficult subjects.

    I so hope others will give your exercise a go and share with you their results.

  2. Sandy and Susan.
    Way to go!
    I'll check out the challenge.


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