Monday, June 20, 2011

Draw A Cat Portrait

I did this shape and feature diagram sketch this morning. It's similar to the one I did for the horse head. Please let me know if this is of any value to any of you, if you have questions or if you need it broken down more, step by step.

Susan Bronsak sent in her first cat sketch already! Wow, I just love her enthusiasm! She wrote; "I had trouble with this one……particularly the face.  Normally I avoid frontal views and prefer the backsides because I don’t have to worry about features.  But then that’s what challenges are all about….right?  Stepping outside one’s comfort zone?  Here’s what I did using your photo.  I look forward to seeing what you do and how you approach it."

I think you did a super job, Susan. Princess does appear to be tipping forward a little in the reference photo and your sketch but other than that, it's a great first attempt. I think I will straighten her out a bit when I do my drawing. I would suggest doing a sketch of just her face, using my notes here as a guide.