Saturday, June 11, 2011

Some Drawing Exercises

I can't believe I've been drawing everyday for eleven straight days now! I still feel pretty rusty so I decided to do some drawing exercises today. I like drawing objects and doing two minute gestures. After each two minutes is up, I turn the object 1/4 turn. I have a little hummingbird nicknack I like to draw and since I am now in Hummerland, I decided to draw it today. This is not a masterpiece by any means, just good ole practice! I also did a blind contour where I caress the object (follow the contour) with my eyes as I draw without looking down at the paper. If I get lost I can look, reposition my pencil, and then continue as before, drawing without looking. Hint: When drawing from life, always keep the same eye level while looking at the object as you draw. I use a pedestal (large coffee container) to bring the object up to eye level so I'm not looking down on it and sometimes use an easel for my pad.