Saturday, June 11, 2011

Some Drawing Exercises

I can't believe I've been drawing everyday for eleven straight days now! I still feel pretty rusty so I decided to do some drawing exercises today. I like drawing objects and doing two minute gestures. After each two minutes is up, I turn the object 1/4 turn. I have a little hummingbird nicknack I like to draw and since I am now in Hummerland, I decided to draw it today. This is not a masterpiece by any means, just good ole practice! I also did a blind contour where I caress the object (follow the contour) with my eyes as I draw without looking down at the paper. If I get lost I can look, reposition my pencil, and then continue as before, drawing without looking. Hint: When drawing from life, always keep the same eye level while looking at the object as you draw. I use a pedestal (large coffee container) to bring the object up to eye level so I'm not looking down on it and sometimes use an easel for my pad.


  1. I am loving the fact you are sharing exercises like this!! I'm sure other people appreciate that as well.

    These are wonderful and I'm in awe over that blind contour example! I've only tried that a few times.

  2. Thanks for your continued enthusiasm Susan!! Yes, you should try Blind Contour again. It's a fun and very worthwhile exercise. I'd love to see your results!! (And anyone else who has the guts to try it.) :-D


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