Monday, June 6, 2011

A Very Busy Day

. . . Of Sketching that is!  ☺ I got out all my how-to-sketch-horses books today and looked them over. Some I have had since grade school! (almost antiques now, I guess.) I read through all of them and got even more excited about sketching horses than ever before! I am coming up with my own formula.

I think that if you learn how to draw a horse, (like the human body) you can draw just about anything. In college, my illustration teacher, Beth Krush, always said how I was really lucky to know horses so well, because they were so hard to draw correctly. I am hoping to get even better at drawing them this summer as I study their anatomy and their physiology.

 I hope some of you all will enjoy my sketching journey as well! Today I did some more 2 minute gesture drawings too.


  1. Wonderful, Sandy! I love these. I've just started taking riding lessons, and have been thinking lots about horse anatomy. These are great.

  2. Good to hear from you. Thanks Liz! I would REALLY love it if you would join in on our sketching challenges!

  3. Love the shape demonstration you are sharing and love those horse gestures!!!! I haven't gained the courage yet to try the full body. I'm working on it though (the courage that is) :)

  4. Hello Sandy!
    I am so glad I've found this blog, and it is a wonderful inspiration to me. I also love horses and love to draw them - with a lot of flaws.

  5. Thanks Ulla. I hope my blog will not only inspire, but will also be of help to you and your growth as an artist.


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