Sunday, June 12, 2011

Horse Challenge ~ What Am I Doing Wrong?

Ok friends, I got one, just one person, to send in their horse head challenge this week. What am I doing wrong? Why isn't anyone else participating? Go ahead. Be truthful. Tough love. I can take it. I could really use some feedback here folks. I can't believe that none of you has a half an hour to draw sometime during the week. It doesn't have to be a masterpiece and can even be a doodle on a sales receipt. A word of warning though, it probably will take you out of your comfort zone a little the first couple of times. Just remember, it takes practice to get into "the zone" with drawing. It's hard for me sometimes too. I just keep talking to myself; "It's just a shape, look at the shape, it's not a thing." Even if you don't send it in or post it, just do it! Do it for yourself and please (as a favor), do it for me. If you tell me you did one, I'll believe you.

Susan Bronsak is a fabulous artist with a very lively and informative blog and website. She has been following along pretty religiously with me for the past twelve days. Check out her blog and this post to see the reference for her sketch. She tells me that my drawing everyday has rekindled her inspiration and desire to draw. Thank you Susan. You make this so much more fun for me! Your drawings are super and your enthusiasm is contagious!

Here is my sketch for last week's challenge. Notice I'm using the side of my pencil (holding it like a wand or a brush) more and more these days. I used my shape system here, but for the head and neck structure of an upper level Dressage horse, I curved all the lines more. You just have to play with it. Don't take it so seriously, look at SHAPES and loosen up. (All pep-talk . . . for myself as well, of course.)

Here's my finished drawing with watercolor wash applied.

If anyone is interested in another challenge, let me see a show of hands.