Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tommy The Terror

Today's sketch is a side view portrait of one of our house cats, Tommy. We got him at an art show we were doing back in 2005. A lady was bringing him around to all the vendors, trying to find a home for him. He and his litter mates were taken away from a feral mother when they were only a few days old. When we fell in love with him, he was only six weeks old and just a bundle of joy. Unfortunately, being taken from mom and hand reared by humans at such an early age has had repercussions. Who knows what went on in those first few impressionable weeks of Tom's life?! He is a very strange cat today. We just can't trust him.  He'll cuddle up to you one minute and turn around and bite you the next.

Here's what Tommy Looked like when we got him.

And he's still a very handsome fellow today, just a little whacked-out.